Pornographic Films: Real Sex In Movies

The Bollywood or the film industry is flooded with the filmmakers, producers, actors and actresses filming entertainment films of all genres; right from action and comedy films to films showing mature content and dark humor as well. One such genre includes the porn or sexually appealing movies.

These movies include several pornographic sex scenes and sensuous contents for the viewers. The protagonists are involved in the real sex in movies without the use of any graphics or editing in the scenes.

What are pornographic movies?

The hardcore pornographic films are centered solely on the sexual activities and are considered as X-rated films. The use of unsimulated sex is common while filming these bedroom scenes. Unsimulated sex is a kind of presentation of sex scenes in the films with actors engaging in actual sex act without miming or simulating the required actions.

These actors which engage in real sex in movies are called as porn stars and their porn films are not considered as a part of the mainstream cinema

These films were confined to the private distributors of underground films like pornhubs when in 1960s they started pushing the boundaries of mainstream cinema, showing uncensored and wild sex scenes on the screens.

Although thoroughly censored, these films have an age restriction of 18 years and above. The key sex scenes of most of the pornographic movies are either blocked or replaced by some alternative scenes by the censors to maintain the limit and reputation of the cinema and its onscreen content.